Why you should visit Tully

Ahh Tully.. little little Tully. When I tell people I’m going to Tully most will respond with “what, why? There’s nothing to do there”. This little town gets overlooked and skipped by far too many backpackers. Well that’s only half true, Tully is a big big stop for backpackers wishing to complete their second yearContinue reading “Why you should visit Tully”

Great Keppel Island: Everything you need to know

Great Keppel Island,  If this isn’t on your East coast itinerary yet, it should be! The most popular island spots on the east coast are easily Fraser Island, Whitsundays & Magnetic Island but I think within the next few years Great Keppel will be up there with them. Great Keppel is just as beautiful ifContinue reading “Great Keppel Island: Everything you need to know”

Review of Le Pirate Boatel, Labuan Bajo Flores

If you’re looking for a little haven all to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of Labuan Bajo, then the Le Pirate Boatel is the perfect escape. This BOAT-el only has 10 cabins so the chance of it being too overcrowded would be rare, there were times when we felt like the boat wasContinue reading “Review of Le Pirate Boatel, Labuan Bajo Flores”

Top things to do on Magnetic Island

  This island has it all  – beautiful beaches , lush forest , hiking trails, great beach parties and a wide variety of wild animals including one of Australia’s favorites, the cuddly little Koala! I would recommend spending 2 nights/3 days on the island so your not rushed and can really enjoy the beauty thatContinue reading “Top things to do on Magnetic Island”