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I get asked about my diet ALL the time so I thought it was time I finally shared this on my blog.

Since February 2021 I have been a consistent client and lover of My Muscle Chef pre-made meals. I’ve tried other companies in the past but have never loved one as much as I do with MMC.

The meals are high in protein which are perfect for gym goers like myself plus all the macros are included on the packing. You can even scan the barcode to add it into your myfitness pal app.

I didn’t think that a year later I’d still have my freezer stocked up with Muscle Chef meals but to be honest, they are just so tasty, convenient it’s just to hard not to.

There are some flavours that I still absolutely love, but also there’s some I’m just over after nearly a year having them.

I started out having one meal twice a day(lunch and dinner) but these days it’s once a day(usually dinner), and I’ll prepare my own meal for the other meals.

My favourite my Muscle Chef meals are :

– Spaghetti bolognaise

– Pesto chicken

– Hokkein noodle stir fry

– Beef Stroganoff

– Beef lasagna

– Chilli con carne

– Mexican bowl

The protein cookies are also DELICIOUS and definitely worth keeping in your pantry for times when you need a snack. Each cookie has 25 grams of protein in too. I often have one on the go when I’m in a rush as a super quick meal. My favourite flavour cookie is the triple chocolate.

I would like to cook more often but it really is just so convenient having these nutritious meals made up for you with all the macros you need in each meal. They also keep well in the fridge for approx 10 days, and freeze well as well. I usually stock my freezer up with them and microwave for 5 minutes when wanting to eat.

No, I’m not sponsored , I purchase my meals so this isn’t a sponsored ad. I just want to share with everyone an answer to a common question I get asked.

You can purchase them online at and if you’d like $20 off your order, my referral code is HRO3GDYR.

You can also find them in many grocery shops, just use the location finder on their website. Although the $20 discount won’t apply.

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