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Zala Hair Extensions Discount Code JESSICAZALA $20 off

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I have multiple Zala clip-ins in different shades of blonde as I have a mix of blondes in my hair, they all blend really well and I love each clip for different occasions. Honey Beach highlights is my favourite shade out of the 3 shades that I have.

Shades that I wear:

-Honey beach highlights

-Sunkissed highlights

-Honey blonde

Clips in that I currently have:

1 Piece Clip in Volumiser 16 inch extensions in both shades Sunkissed Highlights and Honey Beach Highlights. This piece is perfect to add volume to hair as my hair is basically the same length as the Volumizer but quite thin and does not have the look that I’d desire when worn out.

I have found this product to be my favourite day to day look from the Zala range as it is just perfect for adding in volume while still looking natural.

16″ volumizer in Honey Beach Highlights
16″ Volumizer in Sunkissed Highlights

2 – 16″ Pony Tail Extension in shade Honey Beach Highlights
There is nothing better than having a lush ponytail. This piece is perfect for my activewear photoshoots and for nights out where i want to wear my hair up and look extra glam.

16″ pony tail extension in shade Honey Beach Highlights

3 – 20″ Halo clip-ins in shade Honey Beach Highlights

At 160 grams in weight, this extension is super lush and perfect for that extra WOW factor! The Halo is so easy to put in and great for those time-poor who want the easiest option for putting in extensions.

20″ Halo in Honey Beach Highlights

4 – 20″ 5 set clip-in set in shade Beach Blonde.

This 120gram set is the newest addition to my Zala set and might just be my new favourite.

20″ is a great length for glam nights out to give my look that extra touch. This is definitely my favourite length for that glam look and at only 120grams, it’s not as heavy and thick as the Halo. The 5 clip pieces are easy to put in but they do take a little practice (for me at least) before nailing it and feeling confident putting them in.

5 piece clip-in set in Honey Blonde

This is what my natural hair looks like by the way. As you can see, the length is okay but it is so thin and doesn’t fill out properly when worn to the front. I am so grateful for my Zala Clip Ins to get me the hair of my dreams and a little extra confidence when i am get dressed up.

My natural hair

Zala Hair Extensions Discount Code JESSICAZALA $20 off
Before and after wearing my 20″ 5 piece clip in set in shade Honey Blonde
Zala Hair Extensions Discount Code JESSICAZALA $20 off

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