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Below are some testimonials from some of my clients.

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I never bother writing reviews for anything but this is DEFINITELY worth it!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜
Iโ€™ve had a few PTs over the years and been to gym classes but no one has been like Jess! ๐Ÿ˜‡
She teaches me sooo much about basic moves, using the gym, structuring workouts, goals, progression, nutrition, macros, lifestyle, confidence and most of all making sure you enjoy your workouts. No one has EVER had me keeping this up for longer than 4 weeks before. She really has helped me create the best lifestyle Iโ€™ve ever had!!
I have not only made progress on the scales but with my strength, energy, happiness, confidence and so much more!! EVERY session, I walk out saying how motivated I am to get strong after spending time with her. 
๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป (I actually say this!)
Jess is ALWAYS there for support, motivation, advice, to listen to the ups and the downs and has such a kind, down to earth heart that you never feel any negativity. She is such a positive influence on my life and I honestly feel so grateful to be working with her. Itโ€™s as if we are friends just hanging out! She even is so INSPIRING and FRIENDLY that Iโ€™ve participated in running races outside of the gym with her. 
No stress, intimidation, feeling like itโ€™s a chore but instead I actually LOVE the gym now, have never been so confident even to do workouts myself and lift weights in the big boy corners 
๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‚…. all thanks to the wonderful Jess!!! Best investment ever!! (I hate calling it an investment because sheโ€™s more than that ๐Ÿ˜œ). I could not recommend a better person to help with a fitness journey. So much love for Jess!!


The daily (monday to thursday) fitness classes with jess at snap fitness surfers paradise are just the best! Classes are fun, varied and make you feel great๐Ÿ’ช! Highly recommended!!


I started training with Jess as part of the 8 week challenge, and I can say that I will continue to train with her after the challenge is over. I have been training a lot by myself for a while and it has made such a difference having a weekly plan and training with someone who is so motivated and determined. I’m also almost ready to run the 10km event in the GC marathon and I didn’t think it would be possible for me to run again after injuring my knee so bad last year. Jessica Stevens has helped me figure out what my weaknesses are and focus on getting them stronger. Thanks for pushing me and helping me get out of a training rut!!

Jaimi Barratt
โ€œI first decided I needed to change my lifestyle and start looking after me after yet another trip to hospital with health problems. I had been in and out of hospital for over a year and no one could really tell me what was wrong and why I kept ending up there. I was bed ridden for months due to pain and sometimes even walking was ridiculously painful. I had suffered from depression and anxiety for over 8 years and this new found illness was only making it worse. I was sick of being sick and missing out on life and so I decided I need to change my lifestyle complete and thats why I stated training. In the past I had tried every diet and fad to loose weight, but did not have enough support to do it on my own and found they couldnโ€™t be maintained over time, and thats when all the weight and sometimes more would come back on. I hated the thought of going to the gym and my idea of exercise was walking and cardio. My diet was all over the place; from one extreme to the other, and nothing was giving me the results I wanted. I knew I was unhealthy and overweight and I had had enough.

I looked at the personal trainers at Snap fitness Parkwood on the website and narrowed it down to two, and from those two I did a lot of research on each and chose Jessica Stevenโ€™s, as I felt her expertise were exactly what I needed – and I was right! The first session I did with Jess I was so upset with myself after the fitness testing and I could not believe all the things I was having difficulties with and I knew it had to change. Jess went through her nutrition program with me – taking into account my food intolerances, and I followed it exactly. I was so determined to get myself better and healthy that everything Jess suggested I would try and I was training 3-4 sessions a week; both group and personal training sessions.

I have now lost 23 kilo in 7 months and I could not be happier. All my health problems have sorted themselves out and for the first time in 8 years I can manage my depression and anxiety without medication – which is a huge deal for me! I am more confident in myself and my body and I throw myself into all different challenges that I would never have done before. I now love going to the gym and training and even though its still hard, I love the feeling I have afterwards and that keeps me going back for more. I have learnt from Jess how to manage my food and that its ok to have treats! This is now my way of life – Iโ€™m so thankful for finding Jess and all that she has helped me to achieve – and also of myself for seeing that I needed to make changes in my life and doing something about it!โ€

Hey Jess, just quickly wanted to say THANKYOU! ! I didn’t get to train with you for more than about 2 weeks before moving to the Sunny Coast, but you were 100% the reason I felt so motivated to continue by myself once moving I’ve lost around 20kgs and feeling really good… so thanks again and hope you’re well xxx”

“Most recommended personal trainer, she does the best work and pushes you as far as she knows you can do. Defiantly the best personal trainer I’ve met and I’d recommended her to my anyone who asks for a pt in a heartbeat, she’s loving: caring and has a beautiful heart. Greatest inspiration.”

“Im so proud of how far ive come, the fact that i let myself go for nearly two years after my son was born… now im rebooting that with health and nutrition, i could never have done it without my trainer and all the hard work that pays off. ๐Ÿ˜ I used to be so embarrassed i couldnt do much i felt horrible, now i feel so much better. I feel so much stronger and so invincible, i know i can do this and its all a big thank you too Jessica Stevens!”

“After having my son a little over 2 years age, I feel into the point of depression and decided to give myself takeaway for every meal. I got to the point, I needed to lose weight my body was shutting down. I joined snap fitness as I finally had realise this is enough I need to do something about this, for the first month I was going with someone but they weren’t as motivating as I thought. I seen Jessica in the gym so found her on Facebook and messaged her asking her if I can have a chat, from that day I started training with Jess. My main motivation to join the gym was seeing people going for a run doing workouts and realized I needed to do the same to get my fitness back to normal, Since training with Jessica I’ve learnt a lot of things but the main thing is anyone when do this if they just put there mind to it. My mind is set now to go to the gym, train and eat healthy no matter even when some days I have a downfall where I want takeaway I block it out and grab something healthy instead. My self confidence has gotten so much better, I can see that my fitness has improved 100% also with the help of all the friends I’ve made in the groups with jessica they can all tell my fitness has improved also. I’ve learnt and also realized how bad takeaway is too be giving my son and I’ve noticed he is much happier also not as naughty as he was on takeaway. When I started off at snap fitness with Jess, the first class I threw up, I walked out crying I felt like a failure and that I couldn’t do it, i had to use my puffer about 6 to 8 times so i could breathe properly. now I can do pushups on my toes and do sprints on the treadmill either not using a puffer at all or only using it 1 to 2 times. Im so much happier, healthier and fitter since training with Jess and can’t wait to continue my journey with her!”

Elira – Improved posture, fitness and lean body mass

Jess is an amazing trainer! She is so motivating and an inspiration. I cannot thank Jess enough, she is always keeping me on track and pushing me to do things I never thought I would be able to do. I would 100% recommend Jess to anyone, she is not only a great trainer but is such a friendly kind natured person!

I just completed Jessica’s 12 Week Program & I am thrilled with my results. Jessica is so dedicated & passionate about fitness. She is an excellent motivator & a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness & healthy eating & weight loss. Prior to commencing Jessica’s program I did no daily exercise because I didn’t enjoy it & never really had the time or desire to work out. Now after completing the program I not only really enjoy exercise but I have improved my fitness level & increased my strength. My favourite part of Jessica’s program is the one on one personal training sessions. Her guidance & motivation to keep going when I want to give up is the reason I have achieved goals I never thought I would. Her positive “never give up” attitude is contagious & it’s a pleasure being trained by Jessica. I also enjoyed her group sessions each week. Interacting with other girls who had similar goals both during class & online was excellent & kept me on track & motivated. The whole team at Snap Fitness Parkwood are so friendly & it’s a great atmosphere to train & exercise in. Plus the gym is open 24/7 so I can also train in my own time following the specific workouts Jessica taught me. She gave me the confidence to train on my own, something I would never thought I could do. Jessica also helped me improve my diet & keeping a food journal was great to track my eating. Jessica includes recipes & healthy meal suggestions in her Fitness program which really helped me choose healthier food options & lose weight. I highly recommend Jessica’s 12 Week Fitness program. If you want to lose weight, feel great, get fit & stay positive then join Jessica Stevens Fitness program. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain!

Jessica Murray
I have always been a chubbier girl. About three years ago, I had put on a lot of weight in a fairly short amount of time. I was 19 years old and weighed 100 kg. I lacked self esteem, energy, and drive. My relationship with food was out of control. I couldn’t control myself when it came to food. I finally had enough, so I set a goal. My goal was to be a certain weight/size but once I started, I realized that all I wanted was to be happy and healthy. It has taken me three years to do it but I am so proud that I finally did it for myself. I now work with trainer Jessica Stevens multiple times a week. Every session with her consists of pain and torture but yet a lot of laughs and fun. She always helps keep me motivated to keep getting results.

Jess is not just your average trainer, she is the most motivated, inspiring and passionate trainer and person that genuinely cares about all of her clients. What she has done and continues to do for me goes far beyond the time we spend in the gym. My strength and fitness has improved beyond belief in only three months thanks to Jess pushing me to be the best I can and I honestly could not say enough positive things about her. Training is never boring and you will never ever do two identical sessions. ever. If you want a trainer who knows what they’re talking about, has great advice regarding training and nutrition, and is just an all round nice person then I could not recommend Jess highly enough! ๐Ÿ™‚


My life changing journey with Jessica Stevens started about two months ago. As with most people, I really struggled to find the motivation to achieve my goals surrounding weight loss. Extremely poor dieting, excessive drinking and utter laziness were all major factors into my body and minds slow decent into sugar oblivion. My biggest downfall was that I never had the self discipline to see anything through. Any attempt at following my own exercise routine never lasted more than a week or two, and trying to change my diet only ever last a few days. It wasn’t until I joined up with Jessica Stevens, a Personal Trainer at Snap Fitness Parkwood, that I believed my life could be different. After my first initial session with her, I felt so inspired! Jess’ program has been the key in helping me turn my life around. It’s more than just a way to get fit, it has been an educational experience that has given me the tools to take control of my eating habits and change them for the better. The time I spend with Jess leaves me feeling motivated, empowered and really positive about myself and how far I have come. I am so grateful and happy that I joined Snap Fitness, because it has allowed me to meet this incredible woman who is helping me achieve so much, more than I would have ever thought possible. Thank you so much Jess!

Second Review from Cara:
I am so very proud to say that I just finished my three month training program with the incredible Jessica Stevens! I honestly cannot believe how much I have been able to achieve in the these past few months both physically and mentally, thanks to the support and encouragement of this amazing woman. It has been an amazing journey, and I am truly astounded by what my body is capable of doing now. To all the ladies just starting out, I can promise you that in three months from now you won’t recognise yourselves (and the diet stuff gets easier too!). I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the future with Jess and what my photos will look like

Cara – Side view – 38 cm lost in total

Jessica is an amazing trainer. She goes above and beyond for her clients both in sessions and after hours. She is always willing to answer questions or concerns and guide you in the right direction to reach your goals and full potential. She is a wealth of knowledge for both nutrition and training and can’t wait to give advice to help you out. If you follow what she tells you you will definitely get results. I would definitely recommend Jessica Stevens Fitness to anyone who needs a personal touch trainer and someone to keep them accountable and on track ๐Ÿ™‚

Jaimi after completing her 12 Week Program – Total 17kgs loss
Jaimi after completing her 12 Week Program – Total 17kgs loss
Jaimi after completing her 12 Week Program – Total 17kgs loss
Jaimi – Size 14-10
Jaimi’s amazing booty transformation!

I have been overweight for the last 7 years. I had tried diets and soups and any other ‘quick fix’ available. I always put weight back on and learnt nothing on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year I reached breaking point after struggling to get up off the floor after playing with my kids. I burst into tears and knew I’d hit the wall. I tried on my own and wasn’t getting too far and felt like a failure. I knew I needed help. So I joined Snap Fitness and shortly after, I met my trainer Jessica Stevens, my life changed forever and I haven’t looked back since Not only has she transformed my body but my entire mindset. She has taught me a whole new way of looking at food and fitness and myself. I now fuel my body through good clean eating and fitness is a daily fixture. This is not a diet or challenge but a lifestyle. Jess is more than a trainer. Her knowledge, support and positivity is endless and Jess has shared all the tears and triumps. I wouldn’t be the person I am without her. Currently I have lost 41.2 kgs, I am now present in my life and my 2 children have a happy and healthy mum. Basically Snap Fitness and Jessica Stevens saved my life.

Bec – 42kgs lost!

“I love my trainer so much that I’ve decided to torture her with my complaints about how much I hate skipping and boxing and burpees and upper body days and running and 6am classes for another 12 weeks. Am so grateful for our first chapter and all the barriers we have broken through. Goals we have smashed. And lessons I’ve learnt. To say thank you just doesn’t seem like enough words to express my gratitude. Jess you constantly went above and beyond your job description. You sat with me when I cried. Listened when I vented. Checked up on me with my diet and training if I had days away from gym. Always always gave positive reinforcement and fantastic advice. I know I didn’t finish on the high I wanted to but you helped me achieve so much and taught me how to look after myself from the inside out. Am excited to start the next chapter and set and achieve all new goals. You are one of my favourite people in the world and I am a better person because of you.”

“I’ve told you this a million times over but you truly are the best trainer. I am so lucky to have you guiding me, encouraging me, pushing me, believing in my abilities and getting rid of my self doubts. I look forward to continuing our training together and smashing out some more amazing results. Really love you! Changed my life forever.”

I never thought Iโ€™d stick to an exercise/meal plan and actually lose weight. I definitely never thought that I’d be able to lose 10kg! Now I can proudly say that I have!!  and I feel AMAZING!

I had tried in the past to lose weight on my own and with other trainers but iโ€™d always give up because it was too hard or I felt like my trainer didnโ€™t care. Knowing how much Jess genuinely cares about me and my results makes me push myself harder to show myself and her that I can achieve my goals… however big or small they might be.

She is hands down the best trainer around! I donโ€™t want to think about where Iโ€™d be right now without her. Iโ€™m happy knowing Iโ€™ve now got a trainer and a friend, I’ll always have her to push me when Iโ€™m being stubborn and encourage me when i need it.

Iโ€™m determined to get to where i want to be and thanks to all Jess’ knowledge in regards to training and nutrition (that she’ll happily pass on to anyone that will listen, just because she wants everyone to be the best possible version of themselves) getting there is only a matter of time.

I seriously can’t thank her enough for everything she has helped me achieve so farโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not finished yet!!

Kelsey – 10kgs lost
Kels after completing her program


I first decided I needed to make a change in not only my diet but lifestyle when I realised I wasn’t feeling the same way I used, I didnt want to go to the beach, the clothes that I’d bought 6 months earlier didn’t fit anymore I just wasn’t happy. Thats when I signed up to snap fitness parkwood and started my PT sessions with Jess, i was scared at first but Jess made me feel really comfortable she really has helped me change my lifestyle for the better.
My diet went from eating takeout 4 times a week to eating fresh healthy meals that I enjoy! I trained with Jess 3 times a week as well as doing group classes.
Over the 12weeks I have lost 9kg and 53.5cm off my body. I feel so much better and healthier and I owe it all to Jess! I couldn’t have done it without her!!


Emma after completing 12 weeks of training and losing 9kgs
Emma after completing 12 weeks of training and losing 9kgs


Jess is an amazing personal trainer! She is always pushing me to do my best not only within the gym but with my healthy eating (that’s right, it’s not even dieting). Jess has helped me gain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle change. She has given me continual support and lots of laughs within the gym. Within only weeks of training with Jess I have already noticed significant results and continue to set new goals and smash them every week with Jess’ support. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone looking to improve their body, fitness and eating! She may also whip you with a giant rubber band but it won’t hurt for long.

Jade – 4 weeks into her 12 week program

Training with Jess on her 12 week program has been a truly rewarding experience for me. Jess invests so much time and energy onto my progress, which goes way beyond just training in the gym. She is always helping me overcome challenges and teaching me skills in the gym and with my diet and lifestyle so I am always progressing. Beyond being an kind hearted, amazing person, Jess is incredibly talented and knowledgeable in her field. I am so greatful to be able to train with Jess! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hayleys amazing transformation!
Hayley showing off her bikini body after 5 months of training, she looks amazing
Hayley showing off her bikini body after 5 months of training, she looks amazing

Jess is a WONDERFUL personal trainer. Jess backed and supported me endlessly throughout my 12 week program and I can proudly say I am happier, healthier and have found confidence within myself. She is full of energy, encouragement and workouts to make you sweat for days haha! Jess was constantly following up on how my training and eating was going, helped me reach my goals each week, and genuinely cared about my progression. Plus, always flexible with training times which was a big help! I now have my own journal full of 12 weeks worth of workouts, goals and personal bests to beat, to continue on with my training. THANK YOU JESS for all that you’ve done and continue to do each and every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jaimi D
Training with Jess is amazing! The workouts she comes up with are sometimes crazy and challenging but they are so worth every minute! She knows that you can do fantastic things and she wants to help you get there! Although i havent been training with Jess for long i can already tell she will help me reach my fitness goals ๐Ÿ™‚

I would highly recommend Jess to anyone looking to start personal training either for the first time or to make a change. She has a wealth of knowledge and is incredibly passionate about seeing her clients reach their personal goals. I have never once felt intimidated walking into a session or class with Jess, I think this says a lot about the nature of both her business and Snap fitness Parkwood. I feel incredibly blessed to have come across such a special person who has guided and supported me on the beginning of my health and fitness journey. I have faced a few obstacles along the way that could really have knocked me back and discouraged me if it weren’t for Jess’s encouragement and understanding. She is incredibly accommodating and to me this showed that it’s not simply a business to her but that she has each and every one of her clients best interests at heart. Deciding to join Jess’s 12 week program was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and I hope to continue training with Jess long into the future. xx

Jess after 12 weeks of training with me two times a week plus the occasional group session.

I had been training at the gym for about a year and not seeing the results I wanted. I decided to ask jess for some help, it was the best decision I made! In just over 3 weeks she has changed my way of looking at food, eating the right food to fuel my body with nutrients. Jess has also written me a programme so I know I’m maximizing my workouts. I would love to thank jess for her constant encouragement. I had my measurements done today and in just over 3 weeks jess has helped me make a massive improvement already!!

Jessica is the most AMAZING personal trainer! From our initial conversation I knew that she was the perfect person to guide me through my fitness journey. She genuinely cares about my progress and I never feel like an appointment in her schedule but a valued client. Dont be fooled by her friendly personality and infectious smile…This lady makes you work. She does such a phenomenal job on transforming the body with intense and challenging pt and group sessions. She gives me support, encouragement and pushes my limits… By the end I love her and hate her. But the thing that sets her apart for me is the fact that she is also transforming my mind. Giving me a whole new way of thinking about fitness, nutrition and general health. Jessica has given me my life back and in doing so has given my children their mother back. I don’t think I can express how grateful I am and I definitely look forward to the rest of my journey with such a dedicated trainer by my side.

I’ve had the honour of being trained by Jess for just over two weeks now! She is amaaaaazing. Gives full encouragement and motivates me 100% . I’m over the moon I get the chance to transform myself with the help of Jess. I’ve learnt so much about my capability to improve in fitness and strength. I’m also more educated about nutrition than I ever have been. All thanks to her! I would recommend her without a doubt to anyone who is looking for a better and healthier lifestyle. I’m in my 3rd week now of my 12 week challenge, I cannot to carry through this journey with Jess by my side cheering me on. Big thumbs up! best pt.

I have achieved so much by training with Jess then I ever thought possible! It’s only been 4 weeks and I’m noticing the results and feeling amazing. I couldn’t have a better personal trainer, Jess is always there to push me and help me to achieve my goals. Thanks so much Jess, you’re the best! Xo

I want to thank you Jess for all the hard work and effort you put into my training. Even though I am in my 40โ€™s, sometimes uncoordinated and constantly stopping to catch my breath, you push me to do my best. I feel my body changing, and my strength increasing all the time. It is wonderful knowing that I am making healthy progress each and every time I come into Snap Fitness (Parkwood) and train with you. Thanks for your encouragement, friendship and for providing such a wonderful environment to suffer such pain (good pain that is). There is a great quote from a 14th century monk that I think says it all : “If the only prayer I ever say in life is thank you then I have said enough” – so thank you x

Lisa – Total of 41cm and 5 kilos lost

The best thing about Jess is that she isn’t JUST a fitness trainer, she has great nutritional advice and is an all round role model of healthy living herself. She’s bright, bubbly, positive and easy to get along with. It is evident that she always has your personal goals in mind with constant revision of goals/ incorporating new goals and personalized training sessions in order to reach these goals. I look forward to every PT session with Jess, they are always different and never boring.. and I see results!! I gladly recommend Jess to everyone that I know ๐Ÿ™‚

Jess is a wonderful personal trainer! Her passion for what she does shines through with her enthusiasm and encouragement. Through these affordable one on one training sessions, I have been guided through various exercises I would never have tried on my own and I am learning correct technique. I am confident that I can take what Jess teaches me and design my own workout plans for myself, however I will continue weekly sessions for the continued learning, motivation & challenge. Jess genuinely cares about the progress of her clients and puts effort and creativity into designing unique workouts for her clients. I feel so grateful to have her share in my health and fitness journey.

Jess is an absolutely awesome personal trainer that strives for the best in both her training towards the individual themselves and also in group training sessions. I’m very pleased to have had her to help me get my personal self esteem and confidence boost I was in need of to help me achieve my goals. With out her I would not have the self concept and confidence I now have. So thank you jess ! You are truly an inspiration especially on me as being a young teenager and I would be more than happy to suggest you to all my friends and family in need of an experienced personal trainer.

Jess is a amazing personal trainer. Really inspired me to get to my goals. I highly recommend.

Jess is such an amazing personal trainer, she is astonishingly passionate about what she does and that becomes incredibly contagious when training with her. She is so great at pushing your limits and helping you achieve things you never thought you could. Jess is a terrific motivator in the gym and continues to help and inform you outside of the one on one training sessions. For this I am extremely grateful for all that she has taught me and how much she genuinely cares about her clients and their well being!

Nathan after 4 months of training/meal coaching

Jess is such an amazing trainer. She’s inspiring and encouraging. She genuinely loves what she does and her passion for fitness is contagious! I can have a laugh while training but still get my butt kicked! Love this girl!

I will recommend jess to all of my friends!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She is really amazing so easy to talk to, friendly, just a beautiful person ๐Ÿ™‚ She pushes me to my full potential which is what I need.. She helped me with my breathing technique which then helped me to lift heavier.. I also do exercises I haven’t thought of or done in ages.. Overall best workouts ever I have learned a lot.. I always feel amazing afterwards and so sore the next day..complete Success!!

Jessica Makes for a great trainer as she is passionate, intelligent and driven to make you achieve your goals. Especially prospective Models , Jess has all the advice and previous experience and skills to make you achieve great results.

One of the best things about having Jess as a personal trainer is her constant encouragement. Even when I’m not in the gym with her, Jess still texts me to check in and make sure I’m doing well. She legitimately cares about her clients’ health and fitness and genuinely wants us to make the right health choices. She has given me really great advice when it comes to food and nutrition and in a training session she knows exactly how much I can do. Even when I think I can’t, Jess shows me I can! Love having her as a pt! Its awesome to have such great support and motivation.

I would recommend Jess as a trainer as she is motivated to help reach your fitness goals. She pushes me to my limits and beyond in a workout really get your money’s worth. She is also super friendly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love training with Jess, she always encourages and pushes me even when I’m not training with her. Not only does she teach me how to exercise for the best results, but she has also taught me so much about eating right to maintain my weight loss. No matter what mood I’m in, I always feel happy when I’ve finished a session with Jess ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Epic work outs every time! I wanted to take my training to the next level, with form and function combined. Always looking forward to the next session with Jess. You rock!

Jess is an awesome trainer. Always pushes me to my full potential, even when im ready to give up. I always feel accomplished leaving my sessions with her! Shes easy to talk to and always ready to help or answer any question. Overall best trainer!

Nils (Club Manager)
Jessica is truly inspirational and embodies exactly what holistic health and fitness is about. She’s living proof that true happiness comes from living a active and healthy life. So glad to have her as part of our amazing team ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Jess I just wanted to say thanks heaps for training my ass off! while at the time I may hate you i know its for the best and once I catch my breath i realise how good it is for me. You make training enjoyable and something to look forward to! Keep up the good work, cant wait for our next session

Claire (Online Client)
I haven’t met Jessica personally but she seems like such a nice girl! She is willing to help me in every way possible with healthy eating and exercise. She is such a friendly girl and I would highly recommend her!

Jess is a talented personal trainer and genuinely cares about each person that she takes on board. In the times that I’ve trained with her, she has been nothing but helpful and super informative as she knows her stuff! More importantly, she is a down to earth lady with a great soul. I would recommend her to any of my friends who wanted to invest in an excellent trainer :).

Other testimonials can be found on my facebook page in the review section.

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